Happy belated New Years!!

I know that it's been a while since I updated the site but I didn't want to add a new post until I had substantial work done. For one, I wanted to redo the site from being made completely static by hand to a staticly assigned site. I was recommened Pelican by a member of Coffee House Coders. Since the only programming language that I've even looked at was Python, I thought it might be a good fit. There have definately been some challenges, but since it uses bootstrap themes, it has a good amount of flexability in appearance. I am sure that eventually I will move to some other static generator as people do. Another great feature of Pelican is that it has RSS feed generation built in. This is a feature that I wanted to support as I have been consuming alot of RSS via Newsboat on *nix.

So besides redoing the site, there are a few other items that I would like to add as well:

  • A page on media recommenations - books, movies, music, etc
  • Make sure RSS is working
  • Post more regularly
  • Look into hosting on OpenBSD

Potential Future articles:

  • Minimal *nix Install Guide - Featuring Arch, OpenBSD and Suckless Utils.
  • My own Pelican Setup Guide
  • Vim-Plug Guide
Links that made this possible:
  • Offical Pelican Docs | https://docs.getpelican.com/en/stable/
  • Matthew Devany Pelican Guide | https://matthewdevaney.com/posts/2019/03/04/build-a-blog-with-pelican-and-python-pt-1-installation-theme/
  • Witkowski Bartosz Pelican RSS | http://witkowskibartosz.com/blog/creating-rss-feed-links-in-pelican-theme.html#.XiZiai2ZNQI