Yesterday, I went to the Anime Meet up event for the showing of "Promare" in the states. This is the new movie by Studio Trigger, famous for shows such as "Kill la kill", and "Little Witch Academia", and "Gurren Lagan" back when it was Gianax. I would say that it defianly won points for art style and visual appeal, but it was mostly done in CG which is not my taste generally. I will have to say this is the best example of modern anime using CG that I've seen, but I still don't prefer it. They also had an interesting lack of line work, which the producers talked about being a selling point at the round table after the film, and I think this worked but again, felt like a consession to making the CG animation process easier so as to not have to do so much line work and rely on the models. I am curious as to what other people think on this front as I feel like I am the outlier with my contemporaries, who are more willing to accept the "uncanny-ness" that CG anime provides. 26 As far as the story goes, there isn't one. It definatley seemed like an afterthought. I would say to get the most enjoyment out of this film, just shut the brain off and enjoy the show, thinking too much will just harsh the vibe anyways. All you need to know is flame powers, and anime explosions! I give it 6.5 Burnish flames out of 10.